The 2017 Open Doors Festival is now over!

Submissions for the 2018 Open Doors Festival (September 2018) will begin in Spring of 2018


Our 2nd Annual Open Doors Short Play Festival, featuring 10-minute plays by local playwrights, will take place September 7th - 10th.

List of plays is below!


2017 Open Doors Short Play Festival Plays

Not Afraid!
Written by Allan Maule
Directed by Katy Koop
Nicole Benjamin
Tara Williams

Written and Directed by Annie Taft
Dominique Ormond
A.C. Donohue
John Paul Middlesworth

Yours, Mine, or Hours
Written by Ken Walsh
Directed by Paul Sapp

Michael Bacigalupo
Lorelei Lemon

Homage to Some Absurdists
Written by Danielle Fenton
Directed by Christian O'Neal

Rhonda Lemon
David Klionsky
Will Harris

The Trouble with Siri
Written and directed by Mac McCord
Lia Fitzgerald
Michael Bacigalupo
Susie Pratt

Written and directed by Ann Chenoweth-Carr
Seth Blum
Rebecca Ashley Jones
Max FoxDavis
Matthew Tucker

Meant to Be
Written by Libby Heily
Directed by David Byron Hudson

Seth Blum
Lorelei Lemon

Staged Reading
Written and directed by Gus Allen
Heather Shinpaugh
Jonathan King
Kurt Benrud
Lia Fitzgerald
Danielle Beasley-Snook
David Klionsky

The New Wizards
Written and directed by Brook North
Rhonda Lemon
Megan Woronka
Dominique Ormond