We're holding Open Auditions on June 9th
for our 2018-2019 Year of Shows


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Auditions Overview

Sonorous Road will hold Open Auditions for its 2018-2019 shows on Saturday, June 9 from 10-2pm. Each actor may sign up for one (1) 5-minute slot using the form at the button below.

Please prepare a one minute monologue. The monologue can be comedic or dramatic but we would prefer modern monologues for this audition. Please keep monologues at one minute only.

Each show will have individual callback sessions in the coming weeks. You will be contacted within one week if we would like to see you for a specific show. Callback will begin on Saturday June 16th.

Show & Role Information

Open Doors

  • Run Dates: September 7-16
  • On June 23, we will be holding callbacks for Open Doors. Actors will be notified by June 18 if they are called back for a role.

Staged Readings Series: Tracy Letts

  • August Osage County
  • Run Dates: September 21-23
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • Beverly Weston: 69 years old. Violet’s husband and father of Barbara, Ivy and Karen. Alcoholic, famous poet and former writing professor at the University of Tulsa. His mysterious disappearance, which turns out to be suicide by drowning, serves as the inciting incident, bringing the family together for the weekend.
    • Violet Weston: 65 years old. Beverly’s wife and mother of Barbara, Ivy and Karen. Addicted to prescription drugs. Cigarette smoker. Undergoing chemotherapy for mouth cancer.
    • Barbara Fordham: 46 years old. Daughter of Beverly and Violet. Wife of Bill and mother of Jean. Lives in Boulder, Colorado. Bill has been having an affair with a student, and him and Barbara are currently separated.
    • Bill Fordham: 49 years old. Husband of Barbara and father of Jean. Physiology professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Bill has been having an affair with a student, and him and Barbara are currently separated.
    • Jean Fordham: 14 years old. Daughter of Barbara and Bill. Smokes marijuana and cigarettes. Loves old films.
    • Ivy Weston: 44 years old. Daughter of Beverly and Violet. Librarian at the University of Tulsa. Unmarried. Having a secret love affair with Little Charles who turns out to be her half-brother.
    • Karen Weston: 40 years old. Daughter of Beverly and Violet. Lives in Miami, Florida. Engaged to Steve Heidebrecht.
    • Charlie Aiken: 60 years old. Husband of Mattie Fay and father of Little Charles.
    • Mattie Fay Aiken: 57 years old. Sister of Violet. Wife of Charlie and mother of Little Charles.
    • Little Charles Aiken: 37 years old. Son of Mattie Fay and Charlie. Unmarried. Having a secret love affair with Ivy who turns out to be his half-sister.
    • Johnna Monevata: 26 years old. Cheyenne Native American who Beverly hires as a live-in housekeeper before he mysteriously disappears.
    • Steve Heidebrecht: 50 years old. Engaged to Karen. Businessman. Lives in Miami, Florida.
    • Sheriff Deon Gibeau: 47 years old. Friend of the Weston family, who reports the discovery of Beverly’s drowned body to the family. Barbara’s high school boyfriend.
  • Superior Donuts
  • Run Dates: September 28 - 30
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • Arthur Przybyszewski (Lead): Male, 55-65. Polish-American, owner of his immigrant parents' dated donut shop, an ex-hippie draft-dodger who lives a disappointed and unambitious life, must be able to withstand fight choreography. ETHNICITY: Caucasian.
    • Franco Wicks (Supporting): Male, 18-25. Intelligent and idealistic, has written what he considers the new Great American Novel - all he needs is validation, has massive gambling debts and has taken a break from college to work. ETHNICITY: African Descent, African American
    • Max Tarasov (Supporting): Male, 45-55. Russian immigrant who owns the video store next door to Arthur's donut shop, would like to expand his store by buying Arthur's, humorous, a bigot without realizing it, and his ambitious nature makes a good contrast to Arthur, must be able to learn a slight to moderate Russian accent. ETHNICITY: Caucasian.
    • Officer Randy Osteen (Supporting): Female, 45-55. Irish-American, has known Arthur for some time, others see that she is attracted to Arthur, but this has to be pointed out to him. ETHNICITY: Caucasian
    • Officer James Bailey (Supporting): Male, 40-45. Randy's beat partner who investigates the vandalism of the donut shop, a matter-of-fact man who, with his wife, in his off time is a Star Trek fanatic. ETHNICITY: African Descent, African American
    • Lady Boyle (Supporting): Female, 70-75. Irish-American, a homeless woman who is often a bit less than lucid, can always count on Arthur for a handout of a donut or coffee when she pops into the shop. ETHNICITY: Caucasian
    • Luther Flynn (Supporting): Male, 42-48
    • Kevin Magee (Supporting): Male, 25-30
    • Kiril Ivakin (Supporting): Male, 32-37
  • Killer Joe
  • Run Dates: October 5 - 7
  • About the Show: For Mature Audiences. Intense Adult Themes. This exciting first play by the author of August: Osage County premiered at Chicago’s Steppenwolf before going on to acclaimed productions in London and New York. Hired by the dissolute Smith family to murder the matriarch for insurance money, Killer Joe takes the daughter to bed as a retainer against his final payoff, which sets in motion a bloody aftermath as the “hit man” meets his match.
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • Chris Smith: 22 years old
    • Sharla Smith: Chris’s stepmother, early thirties
    • Ansel Smith: Chris’s father, 38 years old
    • Dottie Smith: Chris’s sister, 20 years old
    • Killer Joe Cooper: Mid thirties

Strange City of Edgar Allan Poe

  • Run Dates: October 19-31
  • Casting will be done in August. We will start filling roles/calling back actors based on the actors we have on file from this open audition day. 

Gift of the Magi

  • Run Dates: December 7-23     
  • Available roles coming soon!

The Wolves

  • Run Dates: February 15-March 3
  • Casting 10 female roles. Callbacks will begin on June 16.
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • #11 - Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful. Seventeen.
    • #25 - Defense, Captain. Classic (ex)coach’s daughter. Seventeen.
    • #13 - Midfield. Stoner, older pot dealer brother, into her wackiness. Sixteen.
    • #46 - Bench. New girl. Awkward, different, just wants to fit in. Sixteen.
    • #2 - Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny. Sixteen.
    • #7 - Striker. Too cool for school. Sarcastic, thick eyeliner. Almost seventeen.
    • #14 - Midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick. Just switched to contacts. Sixteen.
    • #8 - Defense. Plays dumber than she is. Sixteen.
    • #00 - Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever. Seventeen.


  • Run Dates: March 29-April 14
  • Casting 2 female roles and 2 male roles. Callbacks will begin on June 16.
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • EMILIE DU CH TELET– already cast
    • VOLTAIRE (V)– forties to fifties, dressed immaculately in 18thCentury fashion, charming, boyish
    • SOUBRETTE - a young woman, mid twenties, plays Emilie and others
    • GENTLEMAN- a handsome man, thirties, plays Jean-Francois, The Marquis, Maupertuis, and Marain
    • MADAM – a slightly older woman, fifties, plays mother and Madam Graffigny

Stage Kiss

  • Run Dates: April 26-May 12    
  • Casting 7 roles. Callbacks will begin on June 16. 
  • Character Breakdowns:
    • SHE - A woman in her mid-forties. Plays the role of Ada Wilcox.
    • HE - A man in his mid-forties. Plays the role of Johnny Lowell.
    • ADRIAN SCHWALBACH- A director
    • KEVIN - the reader, also plays the understudy and the doctor and the butler
    • ANGELA - An actress in her early twenties who can believably play a teenager—plays THE MAID in act 1 and ANGELA in act 2
    • AN ACTRESS - in her late twenties or early thirties, plays MILLICENT in act 1 and LAURIE in act 2